high income with minimum Investments.
You can double your coins. fast and easy way.
without any risk. without levels. and referrals.

Choose the perfect plan

Choose the desired Investment card and buy it.

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minimize documents

No documents are required. You only need to fill in a simple registration form and you need to have a personalized bitcoin wallet address where you will get bonuses.

Minimum investment

The minimum card value is the lowest. Get the maximum income with minimal cost now, which is possible only with "9 Bit coin".

Automatically earning

You do not have to work or invite friends. Your investment will automatically be renewed at the expense of the new customer and will return you double in your wallet.

Access to everyone

The project enables the representatives of all countries around the world to earn 9 bit coin and more every month.

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Terms & Conditions


  1. Project has 4 different Investments line:
  • MINI CARD – You send 0.0009 BTC » You received 0.0018 BTC
  • STANDARD CARD – You send 0.009 BTC » You received 0.018 BTC
  • BUSINESS CARD – You send 0.09 BTC » You received 0.18 BTC
  • VIP CARD – You send 0.9 BTC » You received 1.8 BTC  
  1. The main currency is Bitcoin (Bitcoin).
  2. Investments line doesn’t need inviting and don't need referrals.
  3. All users moves one main line in one direction. Each user has its own Investment line, consisting of 4 users.
  4. After 4 new users in your line you receive a 2X bonus and you leave the main line. Users pay out after 4 users in its line.
  5. After your purchase you take a part in the main line, your order will be visible in the Investments line.
  6. You have to put your likes, share project with your friends and shoot a video about the project.
  7. The bonus will be credited to the bitcoin address indicated at the time of the registrations.
  8. Payment is made every day.
  9. One user can buy several cards at one time. The number of cards purchased is not limited.
  10. The amount of money transferred from the wrong or indirect will not be returned. If you transfer funds incorrectly, refunds will not be made.
  11. When you purchase card, you agree to the rules and conditions of the project and you have no complaints.
  12. By purchasing the card you confirm that you read and understand the project rules and terms.
  13. The Project Administration reserves the right to change the Project Rules and Conditions at any time.


Attention! Transfer funds correctly.

Frequently asked questions

How does the project work?

You are doing an investment in the project, you should wait for the next 4 new users in your line and the project gives you 2X bonus on your bitcoin address.

How can I buy a card?

First of all register. Then select the desired card and click on the Buy it now button.

You will be redirected to the payment page where you need to transfer the specified amount.

What should I do after purchase?

After you purchase the card. You should wait for the next 4 new users in your line

How do I find myself in the line?

You can keep track of your position in the project. On the Investments program page find button Investments line. 

How can I get money?

Bonuses will be credited to your personal Bitcoin address you specified during registration.

Payments are made daily.

How many Bitcoins I'll be able to get in the month?

You can easily make yourself 9 Bit coins and more. For this you will need to buy a card several times.

Do you have any additional questions or have any problems? Please contact us.

Our clients say

"The best way to collect bitcoins. Most importantly, without any risk, with a minimal contribution. We advise everyone to participate in this unique project"

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